About Our Shoots

What kind of shoot can I do?

Pole Dance/Fitness
Our underwater pole dance photoshoots are a great way to experience an entirely different way of pole dancing. The weightless nature of water creates an environment where you can try different moves and pole tricks, and maybe make up a few yourself! Whilst it may look easy on the surface, Underwater Pole is certainly a work out.
Underwater Pole DanceUnderwater Pole Dance - Anastasia Skukhtorova

Ethereal Beauty

If you’ve ever had dreams of flying or just want to float in slow motion then our Beauty shoots are for you. Ranging from graceful fabric play to a simple bikini or swimsuit, we will teach you how to use the water  to create some stunning images.
Underwater Modelling


Whether it’s hoop, silks, chains, or trapeze it’s going to be stunning underwater! Just like our Pole Dance sessions this is a whole new world of gymnastics, with not just amazing poses but incredible movements as well.
Aerial Hoop UnderwaterAerial Silks Underwater

Cosplay & Mermaid

Do you have a wardrobe full of costumes that are just asking to be taken to the next level? Bring your cosplay gear or even your mermaid tail along to your session and we will show you how to make the most of it!
Underwater Cosplay ThorUnderwater Mermaid
With our Underwater Photoshoots you come away with some spectacular images that will not just look great on your wall and be the perfect present, they will be the talk of the internet on your Facebook or Twitter profile as well!

Who can attend?

These shoots are for everyone, no modelling or dancing experience necessary!
Anyone can attend our photoshoots, it’s not just for models. We’ve worked with people of all ages and abilities, male and female, professional dancers to regular people who want to try something extraordinary. We’ve even had clients who can’t swim, but wanted to push themselves to achieve a great photograph!
We’ve also worked with children and family groups, which is great fun and a change from the usual family portrait.

What if I can’t swim?

If you’d like to try an underwater photoshoot, and are willing to push yourself a little bit, we can help you learn how to pose even if you can’t swim. We create a safe and relaxed atmosphere to help you every step of the way, and our pools usually have a very shallow end that we can shoot in until you feel comfortable.

Do I need makeup?

Make up is purely optional, but we do recommend it as the water does make the skin tones pale and reduces contrast in the eyes and lips. For close up shots it is preferred, even if it’s just eyeliner and lipstick, so you don’t look too lifeless.

What if water goes up my nose?

This happens to most people and can reduce your comfort in the water, so we have invested in some custom nose plugs that are almost invisible and will stop any water from entering your nose. This means you can concentrate on looking amazing in the water, even upside down!

Can men attend?

Of course! We love working with guys just as much as the ladies, and the water can really make for some masculine and powerful photos.

Do you work with children?

We certainly do, children of all ages are welcome at our shoot so long as they are accompanied by their parent or guardian in the water with them for safety and assistance.

Can I bring my friends to watch?

Yes! Feel free to bring 1 or 2 friends to your shoot if you’d like the support or even to assist you in manoeuvring around the water with your fabric or outfit. We like to limit it to a small number just for safety around the water.

Do you shoot groups?

If you have a group of people wanting to shoot together we can totally accomodate you, although more than 4 people may require a bit more time for your session just to get everyone in the right spot. We’d recommend having individual shots as well so we can composite them together if needed!

Is the pool heated?

Most of the time our pools are heated, but it will say on the event details if it’s not. Usually it won’t be due to the natural temperature being fairly warm to start with.

Is the water chlorine or salt?

We try to aim for saltwater pools were we can as they are much nice on the skin and eyes, but we will make a note on the event details if it’s chlorine.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a $200 deposit to secure your booking, and the rest is payable 7 days before the shoot date.

Can I pay instalments?

Yes! We know these packages are an investment so we can organise a payment plan for you to make it easier.

Will there be different backgrounds at the shoot?

We will have at least white and black backdrops available, and possibly others depending on the location.

Do you provide the floating fabric, or do we bring our own?

Depending on the location we will have a selection of different fabrics you can choose from, but if you want something specific we suggest you bring your own. We can help you to choose a fabric that will float well, just ask us!

How long will my private gallery be online?

Most private galleries are online for 12 months so you can order more images, and we will send a reminder just before it expires.


More questions? Send us a message!