Underwater Photographer Workshops

Want to learn underwater photography, or looking to take your work to a new level?
Make the most of Brett’s 10+ years of Underwater Photography Experience with personalised & specific training.

Hands On Workshops

Brett offers group or private underwater photography workshops at his underwater studio in Long Beach, California, & select locations worldwide.

Our group and one-on-one underwater portrait photography workshops offer a hands-on approach to learning or upskilling your underwater photography, whether it’s gear, lighting, or working with models, Brett has over 10 years of underwater portrait photography experience to draw on & share.

Topics covered include

Basic Skills
  • Types of gear/uses
  • Gear maintenance
  • Terminology
  • Camera settings
  • Lens choices
  • Basic underwater physics
  • Shoot safety/common dangers
  • Open water vs closed water shooting
  • Working with models/communication
  • Breath-hold techniques
  • Fabric/wardrobe choices
  • Staying steady underwater
  • Working with Natural & Artificial light
  • Dealing with unpredictability
  • Post shoot tasks
  • Post production (colour correction and basic retouch)
Advanced Skills
  • Strobes vs natural light
  • Strobes vs video lights
  • Gear choices
  • Underwater light physics
  • Triggering strobes
  • “Dry” Strobes
  • “Wet” Strobes
  • On Camera strobes
  • Lighting only from above
  • Lighting only from underwater
  • Mixing light sources
  • Using Coloured Gels
  • Shaping light
  • Special effects
  • Post production

Upcoming Workshops

25 April 2024
Underwater Studio Photography (Australia)

Sydney, Australia

Covering the basic and advanced techniques for Underwater Portrait Studio Photography in a one day workshop.

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9 June 2024
Introduction to Underwater Photography

Long Beach Underwater Studio, California

Beginners guide to underwater photography –  1 Day.

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13-15 September 2024
Underwater Studio Photography

Long Beach Underwater Studio, California

A 3 day workshop covering the basic and advanced techniques for Underwater Portrait Studio Photography.

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