Mermaid Bootcamp With Hannah Mermaid

May 16, 2023

15 & 16 July, Long Beach, California

Join international icon Hannah Mermaid & underwater photographer Brett Stanley for Mermaid Bootcamp!

To celebrate the release of The Little Mermaid & the Netflix MerPeople docuseries we have organised a program of Mermaid training and underwater photoshoots.

Attendees at the 1 day bootcamp will learn:

  • Breathwork, Stretching & Movement: Designed to improve underwater performance for modeling, diving & swimming.
  • Flowing mermaid movement to open lungs, ribcage and heart.
  • Body isolations
  • Breath hold
  • How to swim with Mermaid Tails & Dresses for underwater modeling.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Buoyancy regulation with air release
  • Hair management and flow
  • Eyes, ears, nose underwater care tips
  • Mouth relaxation
  • Body posture & posing underwater
  • Makeup tips
  • Managing fabric and dresses underwater
  • Water /free diving uw safety (shallow water blackout, dangers)

Culminating with in-water photoshoot training with photographer Brett Stanley, putting all these skills into practice in our custom Mermaid Grotto set.

No experience is necessary, but you must be able to swim and be comfortable in 9ft of water. We can provide a fabric tail if you don’t have one.

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